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Buy antivarus shoes - special shoes for children and young adults

Antivarus shoes are orthopaedic, ready-made special shoes that are used, for example, to treat children's sure feet or recurrent and postoperative clubfeet. Antivarus shoes can also help to ensure a physiologically correct gait pattern.

Characteristic features of antivarus shoes are a stable heel cap, a strong toe cap to support the corrective function and a medially extended rear cap. A flexible, wide and light sole ensures a secure gait and good rolling motion. You can find out more about antivarus shoes in our guide.


The Perpedes antivarus shoe range includes sandals, ballerinas and sneakers. There is an option with all shoes to choose one shoe of the pair as a contralateral antivarus shoe.


Benefits of the Perpedes antivarus shoes

  • Removable insole allows a customised foot orthosis treatment
  • Wide entry simplifies putting on and taking off
  • Padded shank collar provides good hindfoot support and optimal hold without constriction
  • Medially extended posterior cap beyond the point of correction to the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe
  • Strong toe cap to support the corrective function
  • Flexible, wide and lightweight sole for a secure gait and good rolling motion
  • Comfortable wearing properties through the use of selected materials


In addition, our antivarus shoes are known for their comfortable fit and particularly high-quality materials and workmanship.

Discover the different models of our antivarus shoes. Children will not be able to tell the difference from a normal shoe and will definitely find a model in their favourite colour.