Our feet are exposed to enormous stresses in daily life. However, their performance is often given far too little attention. Only when complaints occur it becomes clear how important healthy feet really are.

Foot complaints can lead to malpositions and incorrect postures, which often affect the entire musculoskeletal system. They are often very painful and severely restrict those affected in their daily lives. Causes of pain can include incorrect footwear, heavy strain or illness.

Orthopedic Foot Orthoses offer support for various foot complaints and can correct malpositions. In addition, orthopedic foot orthoses can positively influence the function of muscles, gait and posture. They are the basis for healthy walking and improve the well-being and quality of life.

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  • Thermoplastic formable orthotic blanks for the production of orthopedic foot orthoses
  • High quality base and bottom cover materials
  • Various cushion materials
  • Accessories such as met pads, cushions, balancers, wedges and shortening compensators
  • In-house manufactured thermoplastic fiber composites
  • Resins, hardeners, adhesives and reinforcements
  • Workshop supplies and aids for anamnesis


PERPEDES 4U – Foot Orthoses 100 % individual

You have an idea for a special foot orthosis, but you are not satisfied with the products available on the market or you cannot implement your idea yourself due to a lack of resources? Then design your individual foot orthoses with Perpedes 4U. At Perpedes you will always find an open ear for your challenges!