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Orthotic shoes for children, adolescents and young adults

We offer high quality orthotic shoes for children and young adults. These are special shoes designed and manufactured for a specific therapeutic purpose, for example, for supporting an leg orthosis or foot orthosis.

Therapy shoes do not constrict the foot and provide enough space for the individual  leg orthosis or foot orthosis. They are also stable and provide the foot with the necessary support. Thus, they support healing in case of injuries and correction in case of foot malpositions.

The majority of our therapy shoes are orthotic shoes. However, in our assortment you can also find antivarus shoes as well as the matching normal shoes. In the case of low shoes, you can choose between a lined and an unlined version and are thus well equipped for every season.

Therapy shoes: Quality makes the difference

All of our therapy shoes are characterized by the use of high-quality materials and the many years of experience of our Perpedes shoe and orthopedic technicians in their development. The material makes a significant contribution to the wearing comfort and convenience of our shoes. And ultimately, therapy shoes can only contribute to therapeutic success if they are comfortable and enjoy being worn.

An important component of our therapy shoes is the outsole. Whether Perpedes EXTRALIGHT sole, winter profile sole, sawtooth sole or thermoplastic rubber sole - all outsole types support the natural rolling movement and have a wide standing surface, which provides better gait stability.

Advantages of Perpedes therapy shoes
Therapy shoes from Perpedes convince with a number of important features:

  • Wide opening for comfortable entry
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Stable toe cap for toe protection
  • Heel cap for fixation of the orthosis and stabilization
  • Lightweight construction (compared to therapeutic shoes from other manufacturers)
  • Flexible, flared soles for gait stabilization
  • Increased toe box and instep volume in many 2- or 3-width models
  • Bunion roller to support natural rolling motion
  • Removable insole as placeholder for orthopedic insoles
  • Possibility for individual orthopedic adjustments

Orthopedic shoes - children like it above all beautiful

The quality of therapy shoes with all their advantages in use is important. Whether they are worn, however, also depends to a large extent on their appearance. We know that orthotic shoes in particular only make children happy if the look is appealing. Children don't want to wear shoes that are comfortable but look like the name "orthotic shoes" sounds. Orthotic shoes for children, in particular, have to please above all else. That's why our sneakers, half-boots, sandals and ballerinas have a casual, leisure design and are only "undercover" as orthotic shoes, so to speak.

We are sure your patients or children will find their very own new favorite shoe among our orthotic children's shoes.