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Buy orthotic shoes - for children, teens and young adults

If you want to buy orthotic shoes, you will find various orthotic shoes for children, adolescents and young adults in our range. Depending on the season, you can choose between sandals and ballerinas, sneakers or ankle boots, with different fasteners such as Velcro, Boa fastener, zipper or lacing.

Orthotic shoes are available in 3-width or 2-width systems. The different widths allow individual orthotics and foot orthoses to be worn beyond adolescence. You can find out more about the width systems here.


Orthotic shoes – Important features

Orthotic shoes are high-quality shoes developed by orthopaedic technicians that enable the wearing of foot or leg orthoses. Shoes for orthoses by Perpedes are not only functional, but also convince with their appearance - for high acceptance by parents and patients.


When it comes to shoes for children who are still growing, high quality shoes are particularly important during therapy. High-quality orthotic shoes should fulfil the following important characteristics:


  • Shoes for orthoses must be particularly durable, because an orthosis usually puts more strain on a shoe than a foot without an orthosis.
  • They must always offer enough space, both for the orthosis itself and for a possibly required orthotic joint at ankle level.
  • Orthotic shoes must support, correct and stabilise the foot. At the same time, however, freedom of movement must not be restricted.
  • Shoes for orthotics should be easy to put on and take off with the orthosis and offer a high level of wearing comfort overall.


It should also not be underestimated that orthotic shoes should also be visually appealing, because it is the same with children as with adults: a shoe that is not appealing will not be worn in practice. Wearing an orthosis does not mean that you have to miss out on fashionable shoes.



Advantages of the Perpedes orthotic shoes


1. Easy to put on and take off due to wide entry area

2. Toe cap as toe protection

3. Stable heel cap for optimal fixation of the orthosis and for a high level of hindfoot stability.

4. Removable insole as a placeholder for orthopaedic fittings.

5. Entry loop (in some models in the 3-width system).

6. Flexible, raised and padded upper edge to prevent pressure points. 

7. Straps can be easily shortened (for shoes in the 3-width system)

8. Width adjustment via fastener technology (for shoes in the 3-width system)

9. Increased toe box volume (for shoes in the 3-width system).

10. Flexible, wide sole for a secure gait and good rolling motion


Discover the Perpedes orthotic shoes.