Way more than just stylish shoes

A second look is worthwhile, UXGO sneakers have many hidden talents that you only discover when you dare to look under the surface. You can feel the difference to other shoes above all.

To prevent painful discomfort by pressure peaks and foot ailments, that slow you down, we have developed the unique V-Effect. All UXGO styles offer a roomier forefoot area and are therefore suitable for sensitive feet and many ailments such as Hallux valgus. Thanks to the snug fit in the hindfoot area UXGOs provide firm but comfortable support.

UXGOs are recommended by numerous medical footcare professionals, such as podiatrists and physiotherapists.




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All UXGO shoes were designed by experts for:



No compromises. Functionality beautifully wrapped.

Life is constantly changing, one trend is chasing the next and fashion is continually evolving  UXGO is part of it and we love to combine high quality materials in various designs. Whether playful, wildly patterned, or simply plain-colored — our goal is to create the most beautiful styles for you.

But good looks are not everything, convince yourself of the UXGO feeling and all the special properties that we created for you:





Every foot is unique.

Feet are very different and diverse in their shape and appearance, which is the reason why we offer UXGOs in two widths:


  • The UXGO comfort width corresponds to the width G in the forefoot, thanks to the waisted shape for the hindfoot it offers a secure fit. The comfort width is developed for „normal“ sensitive feet, the need to place customized foot orthotics, or others. Depending on the shape, width G is also suitable for mild to medium severe hallux valgus. 
  • The UXGO comfort plus width corresponds to the width H in the forefoot and distinguishes itself by the medially straight outline in the area of the big toe. That relieves the first toe from constriction and offers a feeling of walking barefoot 

Last but not least: the comfort plus width (width H) offers enough space for wearing the hallufix® splint for optimal therapy success 

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